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Music from the Inside Out

A musician's guide to freeing performance

music from inside out

Music from the Inside Out is an easy-to-read book, designed for musicians who have struggled with nerves, tension or issues with confidence or self-belief. It is packed full of stories to illustrate ways you can overcome these obstacles. Informative and inspiring, Music from the Inside Out is a handbook gives you tools to transform your approach to performing music.

Charlotte Tomlinson

This book is an essential read
for all musicians – I would highly recommend it!”


Maxim Vengerov

International solo violinist

Keep Calm and Pass Your Music Exam​

A handbook for nervous students

Keep Calm and pass your music exam

This short book leads musicians through all the stages of preparing for a music exam: how to manage your nerves, calm your Inner Critic, practise effectively and nail the exam. It is full of helpful information, practical suggestions and supported by colourful illustrations. Designed for music students of all ages, it is an ideal companion for anyone who wants to perform at their best in an exam.

Charlotte Tomlinson

Clear and to the point - this is a great book for young musicians who struggle before exams and want to perform at their best." 

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