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Musicians in the Public Eye

If you’re a musician in the public eye—such as an international soloist or conductor— you may well be dealing with significant non-musical and non-performance related challenges that come with the job. 

Would you like to spend some time getting support around those challenges, in a confidential, non-judgmental space? 

We can work together to help you clarify your needs and goals, and the best way to meet them. I can bring to our sessions decades of experience in the music profession, and as a coach.

Testimonial by Ioana Cristina Goicea

International Concert Violinist

Charlotte Tomlison

Charlotte's unique perspective, wisdom and guidance has been invaluable to me as a conductor. 

 Jonathon Heyward 

Conductor & Music Director

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

​Some of the issues that arise in sessions

  • Protecting time and energy - developing clear boundaries

  • Optimising relationships with agents, managers and others in your team

  • Making important work and career decisions 

  • Handling the pressures that come with being a performer in the public eye

  • Managing performance anxiety

  • Dealing with feedback—positive and negative 

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