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Talks & Masterclasses

Talks & Masterclasses

The talk & masterclass are always presented as a package because one benefits the other: the talk is an opportunity to hear what supports musicians in practice and performance, and the masterclass that follows, shows how that can be embedded in practical ways.


Each talk & masterclass is based on one of two topics: 

Beyond Stage Fright: manage your performance nerves​ and Body Awareness: why musicians need to take notice of tension, aches and pains.

How the process works

Each talk lasts for 40-45 mins and lays out the core concepts of the topic, along with stories from work I’ve done with student musicians and seasoned international performers. 

The masterclass that follows is for one hour and we see how the core concepts from the talk play out in practice. There are opportunities for discussion as we go along, so the audience can reflect on what they’re learning.


Three to four musicians participate in the class and perform a short extract from a piece. I strongly encourage an emotionally safe space in which the performers will be supported and not negatively judged.

Talks & Masterclasses

A fascinating and informative talk and masterclass many helpful

Aaron Shorr 

Head of Keyboard

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

A talk & masterclass support each other in giving participants a rich appreciation of the topic and enables both audience and participants to take away something specific that they will embed in their own music making.

One-off coaching

I also offer sessions to individuals after the class. These sessions can give a musician a snapshot diagnosis of a core problem they are facing, and practical steps towards a solution.

To see more videos of me working with musicians in masterclasses

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