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Talks and Masterclasses

“Charlotte’s technique concentrates on the person and their individual strengths and weaknesses.  By a gentle and unthreatening process, she coaxes remarkable changes in each subject’s performing skills."

John Shaylor

Chairman for European String Teachers Association (ESTA)

“What a fascinating talk and masterclass! I love that you encourage our humanity in performing - it allows the music to become so much more alive.”

Sinae Lee

Piano Professor

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

“Charlotte's masterclass gave me practical solutions which really worked and allowed me to play as well as I know I can.”

Music student

University of Oxford

"The students were thrilled with the class. Charlotte tuned right in to their issues and what they needed in the moment." 

International Piano Academy of Ireland

Performance Coaching

Charlotte’s holistic way of working is invaluable. I would love Charlotte to come to Yale School of Music as a regular fixture - it's what we all need!” 

Masters student

Yale School of Music

Charlotte’s insight into my performance anxiety problems was amazing. After only a couple of sessions she’d nailed the causes, and we immediately got stuck into working together to resolve them.

Anthony L

Jazz pianist

 "In just a few sessions of Charlotte's innovative and insightful approach, my playing and feeling on stage had dramatically changed, to a level I wouldn’t have dreamt I’d be able to reach."

Magdalena Geka 

International Violinist

“Within just one hour of working together with Charlotte, I regained my confidence and remembered why I love singing so much.

Andres Felipe Agudelo Restrepo,

Operatic Tenor

Piano Teaching

“My playing improved drastically from learning with Charlotte. She helped me let go of the tension and nervous energy that I used to have and find passion in how I create music. 

 Freya W

Masters student

University of Sussex

“Why travel to London for lessons when you have a top quality London teacher here in Oxford?"

Jonathon Swinard

Music Director

Garsington Opera

“Learning with Charlotte has enabled me to come into a connection with music that I didn’t know existed. She's given me a far deeper knowledge of how to express myself at the piano." 

 Ben G 

Leeds Conservatoire of Music

"I’ve never before seen the level of patience in a teacher that I’ve seen in Charlotte."

 Sam J

University of Oxford

Oxford Piano Weekends

“Charlotte worked tirelessly with everyone on an individual level, picking up relevant points, and making them interesting and engaging for us all. People seemed almost to grow in confidence and take up more space as time went by.”


“Charlotte is very generous and passionate in her teaching. People make small changes very quickly with far-reaching results.”


“I have done many weekends such as these, and feel that Charlotte more than anyone else I’ve worked with, picked up, understood and delivered exactly what I needed.


“I really appreciated the non-competitive nature of the course and how everyone was so supportive."

"Best course ever!"

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