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one to one piano lessons

One-to-One Piano Lessons

Working together

There are many advantages of working together in one-to-one lessons. Most importantly, everything is tailored to your unique wants and needs. Here are some more specific examples: 

  • Prepare music in detail over a prolonged period of time

  • Work out a comprehensive and personal plan of your deeper needs as a pianist, musician, performer and learner

  • Prepare repertoire for diplomas, finals recital, competitions and auditions

  • Create interesting and imaginative recital programmes

  • Try out material from the lessons in front of a safe, supportive group as part of an Oxford Piano Weekend.

Who I teach

  • People who have read my approach to Working with Pianists - I work in depth and holistically.

  • Pianists who have a mechanical and musical proficiency equivalent to Grade 8

  • Students who are specialising in performance and considering or committed to becoming a professional pianist 

  • School leavers preparing for music college auditions

  • University students with the intention of doing post-graduate studies at music college

  • Music college graduates about to embark on a performing career or who simply want to refresh their playing after many years of following another career

  • Advanced, committed amateurs

  • Piano teachers

  • Established, professional pianists who are looking for on-going support

Charlotte Tomlinson


Charlotte creates an environment where learning thrives because it becomes so enjoyable and easy.”


Joe W

University of Oxford

To get a sense of whether we could be a good teacher-student fit,

have a good browse of my website to get a feel for the way I work,

and then contact me if you'd like to.

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