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Chamber Ensembles

Performance coaching for ensembles

Rehearsing and performing together as an ensemble has its own unique set of challenges. It’s essential to find a shared musical language but often the problems that destabilise a group are emotional and relational. 

“We've lost our flow - how can we find it again?”

What I offer you is the opportunity to be able to talk openly about your concerns with the group from a position of complete neutrality and in an emotionally safe space.

Chamber Ensembles

Together we understand what the issues are that you may be facing and move towards solutions for them. We find ways you can create your own emotionally secure base as a group and the music becomes a litmus test: when you feel safe enough together, you find a freedom which inspires you to express the music to the peak of your ability as an ensemble. 

Ongoing support for your ensemble

  • Learn how to trust and believe in yourself both as a person and musician, and do the same for each member of the ensemble

  • Discover the best ways to resolve emotional issues and reconcile differences

  • Create an emotionally safe space for the group in rehearsals and performances

  • Give each other feedback in a positive and affirming way 

  • Refine your listening skills both personally and musically

  • Find ways of communicating your individual ideas, needs and feelings to the rest of the group 

  • Understand how each member’s unique personality can have a positive contribution to the group as a whole

  • Receive 90-minute coaching sessions throughout a day

  • chamber ensembles
    chamber ensembles
    Charlotte Tomlinson

    We were so inspired after our session with Charlotte that we wanted to rehearse for hours afterwards!”


    Ashley Fripp

    Concert Pianist

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