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Inspired Performance

Moving from Fear to Flow

Be an inspired performer!

  • transform performance anxiety into excitement and exhilaration

  • open up fearlessly in front of an audience and share your love for the music

  • feel the ease and flow that comes when you let go of your blocks and enjoy performing

Charlotte Tomlinson
Inspired Performance

What a wonderful course! Inspiring, informative, the presentation was excellent - and 15 mins was the perfect amount of time for each session."

Inspired Performance

How the course works

Each week of the course addresses a different topic which is then broken up into five sessions. The sessions are designed to cater for different approaches to learning: a short video, an audio of the same video, and an activity to embed the learning. 

It is a bite-sized chunk approach: each video is around 3-5 minutes with a follow-up activity which will take around 15-20 minutes of your time. It’s a realistic and achievable goal, designed to fit easily into a busy lifestyle.

To make the most of the course, it's essential to embed the learning. Reading, watching or listening to the information is only part of the picture: you need to do the activity. There is one key point per lesson and by doing the follow up activity, you unlearn habits that aren’t working for you and build new ones.

Course content

Week 1: Performance Anxiety

Is it really possible to do something about it? SESSION 1 - Welcome: An Overview SESSION 2 - Know Your Nerves SESSION 3 - Fight-Flight-Freeze Response SESSION 4 - Your Practical Needs SESSION 5 - The Betablocker Debate

inspired performance

Week 2: Practice

Practise well to give yourself the best chance SESSION 6 - Practising: What it isn’t SESSION 7 - The Nuts and Bolts of Good Practising SESSION 8 - Freedom and Creativity in Practising SESSION 9 - A Plea from the Collaborative Pianist SESSION 10 - Practising to Perform

inspired performance

Week 3: The Inner Critic

What it is and how to transform it SESSION 11 - Introducing the Inner Critic SESSION 12 - Inner Critic versus Objective Observer SESSION 13 - Permission to Make Mistakes SESSION 14 - Perfection versus Excellence SESSION 15 - Perspective: Seeing the Bigger Picture

Charlotte Tomlinson

Week 4: Memory and Focus

The thorny topic of memorising and how to keep focus on stage SESSION 16 - Memorising: A Point of View SESSION 17 - Two Different Types of Memorising SESSION 18 - Mental Memorising and Recovering from Memory Slips SESSION 19 - Sensory Awareness as a Route to Focus BONUS VIDEO - Awareness Exercise SESSION 20 - Fun Leads to Focus

Charlotte Tomlinson

Week 5: The Performance Itself

Perform at your peak as a musician and love it! Learn the skills needed to perform at your peak and love it! SESSION 21 - Concert Etiquette and Taking Responsibility SESSION 22 - Managing Performance Disasters SESSION 23 - Building the Ladder Towards Performance SESSION 24 - Cooperation: Performing With versus Performing At SESSION 25 - Inspired Performance

Charlotte Tomlinson
Charlotte Tomlinson

 Mike Pearse

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