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One-to-One Coaching

One-to-One Coaching

One-off sessions and longer term work

Sessions are an hour and are held either online or in person. A one-off meeting may be enough but there may be a need for ongoing work over a period of time. On the whole, between one and a maximum of four sessions will give a musician enough tools and strategies to make very good progress, assuming that the musician puts in the work in between sessions.

There is also the option for individuals to have a one-to-one after a talks and masterclass that I deliver for music departments, conservatoires and orchestras. These sessions can give a musician a snapshot diagnosis of a core problem they are facing, and practical steps towards a solution.

short term intensive coaching

Short term intensive coaching

​Some professional musicians find it really useful to get my exclusive attention by working with me over the course of a whole day, or even for a few days. For example, a violinist from *Berlin was preparing for leader positions in orchestras and we worked intensively together for 3 days; a pianist from *Oslo spent two days with me preparing repertoire for concerto performances. It also worked well for a soloist wanting to take stock between tours. (*cities anonymised)


The whole process is entirely confidential and tailored to your specific needs.

Charlotte Tomlinson

Charlotte got straight to the heart of the issue and the difference I felt on the concert platform was huge - the most fun I've ever had performing. I now recommend Charlotte to every musician I meet.


Anna Lapwood 

Concert Organist

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