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Piano Freedom, an online video course for pianists

Piano Freedom, an online video course for pianists - my story

Having had a distressing brush with tendonitis when I was a post-graduate student at the Guildhall School of Music, I realised I needed to do something to save my career as a professional pianist. I embarked on the fascinating study of bodywork, spending 15 years exploring disciplines such as Shiatsu, Tai Chi, Yoga, Feldenkrais among others, alongside my professional playing.

Piano Freedom online video course

That in-depth study not only gave me the tools to overcome tendonitis, but it also gave me an ability to see and hear where pianists and other musicians hold their tension. It has enabled me to diagnose the root cause of a pianist’s aches and pains, support them in letting go of habitual patterns that cause injury, and help re-educate them into healthier ways of playing.

It was from here that Piano Freedom was born. I wanted to address the technical and physical issues pianists often struggle with in a way that was easily accessible. So I created an online video course for pianists to overcome these challenges and to achieve:

  • greater physical stamina through more effortless playing,

  • increased quality of sound by using gravity and correct body alignment,

  • and crucially, the avoidance of injury by freeing up the wrist and fingers.

Piano Freedom is a 13-part online video course in which you will start undoing habits that aren’t working for you and start building new ones that support your playing, all in an easy and accessible way.


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